Maqtha Art District

The Hyderabad art museum might be spookily empty (a subject for another post), but the city’s best art exhibit is packed with life. Winding through a neighborhood of tiny alleys filled with bikes, autos, cows and tons of people, a tour of the Maqtha Art District is part art appreciation, part scavenger hunt.

I leave it to the reader to decide whether the warning not to pee on the wall is art or not.

My colleague Priyank had read about the district online, but there were few details available, so we typed “Maqtha” into a ride-hailing app and crossed our fingers. We wandered aimlessly for a while after we were dropped off and were relieved to finally spot our first mural. Miraculously, with this first mural, we had also randomly stumbled upon a key tool in our quest– a map. For those of you less willing to trust to chance, the map can be found in the back corner of this parking lot.

The map does not exactly align with Google Maps or the physical world, but what kind of scavenger hunt would this walk be if it were that straightforward?

With the map and a few hours of wandering, we managed to find all but two of the murals. (You can view the full album here if you’re not coming to Hyderabad anytime soon to see the art in person.) Having successfully completed our quest, we struck our best Superman poses and headed to a nearby food court.