On the Nose and Over the Top

I’ve always had a soft spot for puns, silliness, and on-the-nose humor, much to the chagrin of my grad school poetry professor (it was “poetry in immersive virtual reality environments,” for those wondering how my master’s degree in computer science included a poetry class). Hyderabad is a paradise for those who share my appreciation of things that go a little over the top.

First up we have this gem, which we passed on our way to lunch one Saturday afternoon. As far as anybody can tell me, it is just the house of a random rich guy. Google was unable to provide any more details. But it’s not so surprising. In a town where this other guy (be sure to scroll down to the best photos) took out billboards promoting himself, not anything he was selling, you definitely have to up your game.

It’s not just a thing of individual rich guys; above is a nearby hospital. Another one of our neighbors up the hill has a full-on castle, complete with moat and draw bridge (sadly I didn’t manage to grab a picture of it). But saving the best for last, my favorite Hyderabadi building, by far, is the office of the National Fisheries Development Board .

Photo credit: http://nfdb.gov.in/ My attempts at a photo, taken while driving by on the highway, all came out super blurry.

This town clearly shares my style enough that I’ll never feel like a fish out of water.